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6 Pillars for your Data Management


Data Warehouses play an important and central role within every IT infrastructure. Their maintenance and functional integration into an Enterprise Data Lake concept is essential.


Business Intelligence solutions provide vivid visualizations of data flows and data analysis which helps to better understand your business. That's why BI apps are an integral part of a Data Lake concept.


What can I do?


Who am I / prove it?


How do I set policies across the entire Data Lake?

Data Governance

Who is responsible for the data in the lake?

Data Protection

How can I protect my data from unwanted access?


What did I do?

Every IT landscape is unique. That’s why we and our partners design each EXAPROX DATA LAKE environment individually to meet the data collection and management requirements of our customers. A Data Lake concept supports consistent and reliable data integration across the entire enterprise. EXAPROX offers many advantages for Big Data analysis and secure data collection hosted by a trusted and certified German data center provider.

Reliable operation and support

IT-Security Solutions
We manage, operate and combine native Apache™ Hadoop® ecosystems with established and proven IT-security solutions in our own certified data centers.
Service Level Agreements
We offer flexible and highly integrated operation and support for the Apache™ Hadoop® infrastructure and further services in the cluster based on our SLAs.
Operation & Support
Operation of a Data Lake is complex. We design, setup, configure and operate Apache™ Hadoop® & Spark® clusters based on the Hortonworks Data Platform.
German Data Centers
Our ISO certified own data centers guarantee secure hosting and high quality as well as GDPR-compliant data management made in Germany.

User Dashboard

Benefit from an intuitive admin dashboard for your EXAPROX MANAGED SERVICE. Manage your cluster users for all applications without unnecessary console access.

  • User and Group management for the cluster
  • SSL VPN Access
  • LDAP Integration
  • Automatic Kerberos Ticket


EXAPROX MANAGED SERVICE is ideal for customers that want to take full advantage of Apache™ Hadoop® but do not want to struggle with troublesome platform operation. We provide the secure operation of the infrastructure, support in the Apache™ Hadoop® ecosystem, configuration, setup and deployment of your dedicated Apache™ Hadoop® cluster based on our Managed Services and SLAs. Deployed on Virtualization or Bare Metal – according to your requirements.

  • Apache™ Hadoop® Support
  • Secure Operation with SLAs
  • Bare Metal or Virtualization (based on OpenStack)

German Reliability and Security for your Data

Tier 3+
Redundancy and simultaneous maintainability as well as 99.98% availability in our data centers.
24/7 Video
Closed and monitored premises with 24/7 on-site staffing guarantees the highest level of monitoring.
Power Supply
Active and passive power supply routes in two or more stages increase our reliability.
Located in
We operate our own data centers located at our headquarter in Freiburg i. Br., Germany.

We are a Managed Service Provider with multiple certified data centers. Benefit from our many years of experience in data center operation and more than 100 specialists that ensure the 24/7 smooth running and support of all our IT services. We stand for security, competence and sustainability in corporate IT, proven by our certifications ISO 27001 (IT Security), ISO 20000 (Service Management) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

ISO 27001: IT Security

ISO 20000: Service Management

ISO 50001: Energy Management

ISO 14001: Environmental Management

ISO 9001: Quality Management

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Make more of your Data and Knowledge

Data Mining

Analyze Data, Uncover Potentials

Deep Neural Networks

Data Classification & Anomaly Detection

Reinforcement Learning

Self-optimizing & Learning Algorithms

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Forecasts & Recommendations

Our EXAPROX DATA SCIENCE service can help to identify the processes in your company that can be carried out faster, cheaper and with better quality with the help of machine learning methods and artificial intelligence. Benefit from our experience in successful projects in the field of machine learning, reinforcement learning or anomaly detection.

Data Mining
We analyze workflows in your company to identify potential weaknesses and to make processes more transparent, cost effective and faster.
Deep Neuronal Networks
We design and develop deep learning models for classification, prediction, and anomaly detection, inspired from biology.
Reinforcement Learning
What is the optimal decision in any given situation? We develop intelligent and self-learning algorithms for your future.
Predictive Analytics
We describe what happened in the past and predict what will happen in the future. All based on your existing data and experience.

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